1) Illuminate! 

Poor lighting is an automatic turn off in almost any work environment. Good lighting on the other hand can literally keep you working all day! While natural light should be abundant, also consider investing in good, quality light bulbs for extra illumination especially at evening hours. Some recommended options include the Halogen, LED (Light Emitting Diode lamps) and  CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) as will best suit your business needs.


2) Ergonomics

Choose the appropriate furniture for your business bearing in mind that most employees spend more than 8 hours sitting. Office seats should be comfortable and encourage good sitting position to avoid unnecessary health issues, particularly back pain. Also organise spaces in your office in order to ease workflow. Floor wires should be hidden away and the general arrangement should avoid unnecessary cluttering to set the right emotional tone for effective work.


3) Color                                                    

Neutral colours are well suited for office interiors or interior design and are the most commonly used because they help increase concentration but you can also explore cool colours such as blue, purple, green etc. in different tones. Also, a small touch of warm colours such as red or orange against a neutral background could add vibrance to a dull work setting. Also read: Best Places to live in Port Harcourt City

 4) Recreational space

Create a space for brief relaxation during break time. It should be soothing , lively and fresh; so workers can get a quick recharge and get back to their duties with enthusiasm.  Also read: Wonderful world of Murals

5) Brand Identity 

Your office design can and should communicate your values, vision and mission ​​to your workers and visitors. The environment should be adorned with visuals that help maintain focus on your goals as a firm. There should be an undertone message that represents what you do from color and furniture style, to even the interior design of the rest room. Flaunt your brand proudly without apologies!